If there is one thing I am certain of, it is my passion and love for photography. Long story short, my career as a nurse was a selfless, fulfilling and a huge achievement. But, after my husband was diagnosed with ALS, I realized that life MUST be lived truthfully and passionately. So, I left my career that I worked/studied so very hard for to chase my life long dream to be a photographer. To leave a steady paycheck and a secure job was hard. It was the only thing I knew what to do. My whole family and friends were in the medical field. I was set to be a nurse. But my heart longed to express, to create. So, when I learned that this hobby of mine could be a career, I pursued it. Doubts, uncertainty, lack of knowledge and all. Despite of everything that told me “no” (and this can sounds cliche), my heart and gumption told me to jump off and reach out to my passion. And to be honest, there isn’t a better feeling in the world than doing what you know you love to do. With or without a paycheck, I love love. I love creating. and I love capturing.
I am unapologetically in love with my husband. So what if people think were cheesy, I love this man. Anthony and I met because of photography. He photographed my sister’s wedding and the rest is history. My husband has inspired and encouraged me to make this leap. Not only do I remind myself of how lucky I am to have found my soul mate and the love of my life, every time I photograph and attend a wedding, I am reminded of our own wedding day. It was the best day ever. It was full of love! And seeing this love & happiness in others makes my heart smile. I honestly believe that a true, deep contagious love is worth all the celebration in the world. Yep, I’m cheesy.
A wedding day is packed with tender moments and emotions. But I also believe that a wedding is a fun and amazing celebration of forever love that has been found. It is the embracing of everything that a marriage brings. There will be special moments, and loud laughters and dancing. When Anthony and I got married, all of the above was present. One of the coolest things about a wedding day is that everyone is there to celebrate two people who have promised to forever. It is a once in a lifetime to gather every person that is important to the couple to usher them to a new phase in their love. To see people that love each other, that are also loved by friends & family, I can’t help but celebrate with them. Here is to clinking glasses, and dancing the night away.